The rapid growth and execution of private sector Government business or the success of a Government client’s goals and objectives are dependent on a successful strategy.  TAG has built a proven history of driving client success by developing and executing complete government-focused business strategies.  Over the years, we have developed a proprietary “stepwise” methodology and set of processes that are always tailored to the individual client’s level of readiness and known opportunities to make money in the new government driven economy.

Our approach starts with a business or government strategy and value analysis and then uses simulation and visualization techniques to test and enhance desired business objectives or outcomes.  This approach aligns strategy with outcomes before major investments are made to prepare and eventually deliver a solution.  This approach also creates the right value and business case information early in the process so that the TAG and client teams can successfully advocate for their objectives with Government leaders and influencers.

Due to the iterative nature of the methodology our approach is highly customizable, while maintaining focus on business success.  Additionally, customers are able to “drop into” the methodology at the appropriate place to meet their most critical needs.  Through our approach, the TAG professionals bring proven experience and success across a broad spectrum of Strategy, Business Development, Human Capital, and Financial Capital capabilities.  TAG strategic capabilities are outlined below:

Strategy and Business Development

  • Government Strategy
  • Management Consulting
  • Opportunity Qualification & Prioritization
  • Channel Development
  • Direct Business Development
  • Government Business Financial Modeling
  • Economic Analysis & Economic Development
  • Information Technology Design & Architecture
  • Program Management & System Engineering

Human Capital Strategy and Support

  • Human Capital Analysis
  • Executive Insertion
  • Management Support
  • Team / Staff Augmentation
  • Operational Support

Financial Strategy and Advisory

  • Investment business case development
  • Direct TAG investment
  • TAG network strategic investment
  • Exit-strategy
  • M&A and strategic partnership advisory