TAG focuses on solving critical issues and creating financial success for clients who are in businesses directly or indirectly related to the government, government regulation, and government oversight.  TAG delivers targeted service through our Advisory and Strategy Services.  The TAG professionals have a 27 year history of success in helping our clients achieve business objectives.  We rapidly deploy an integrated network of relationship capital, financial capital, intellectual capital, and human capital to help our clients achieve measurable financial results.

In today’s changing economic and political environment, the needs and priorities of government customers and stakeholders are expanding.  As corporations focus on their core business, they may miss opportunities to succeed in the government market and expand their business to an economic segment that continues to rapidly grow.  In addition, global government influence on the private sector increasingly impacts businesses that never imagined regulation and oversight influences. TAG can increase your chance of success and reduce your time to enter and win in the government market.

TAG has built a culture of performance and client knowledge transfer.  Many of our clients ask us to work directly with them to transfer our knowledge and relationships to their team.  The outcome of this approach can take the form of helping our clients create organic government strategy, government relations, and business development capability.  In other instances, we are asked to augment the clients operational leadership team or to operate as their “outsourced” Washington DC or State government relations and business development office.

Privacy and Data Management
As a primary support service for our clients and customers, TAG professionals and consultants have developed over 9 years of data management and privacy expertise.  In today's business and government environments, data and information are valuable commodities to be protected and beneficially utilized.  Without appropriate data management policies and procedures, however, using that data advantageously is difficult, if not impossible.  TAG's experience with handling data and privacy issues assists clients and customers with navigating through domestic and international privacy and data regimes, strategically planning how to work within those regimes, and with developing appropriate data management and privacy policies and procedures to comply with appropriate domestic and international requirements and best practices.