At our core, TAG professionals deploy relationship capital, financial capital, intellectual capital, and human capital to deliver financial results for our clients and portfolio companies who target government business and business’s dependent on government regulation and oversight.  We take this same “four capital” approach to solving difficult economic growth problems for our government clients.   We deliver this capital through our practice areas using a proven methodology and set of flexible processes.  Our vision is to build a new bridge for companies, non-profits, academia, and governments to create innovative and profitable solutions for the world's most difficult strategic problems.

TAG is committed to continue to acquire and grow the right resources to continually improve our ability to bring each element of the "four capital" capabilities to our clients.  In addition to our direct team, we continually grow and learn from our Board of Advisors.  This approach insures that we deliver the right capabilities at the right time through a proven methodology.  Experience has taught us that lasting success in government influenced business can only be achieved by leveraging the right mix of relationship, financial, intellectual, and human capital to solve the unique challenges faced by businesses and governments working together on important global problems.